Thursday, May 3, 2012


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Mother of Divine Grace GEOMETRY Syllabus, 2005 printing, for Jacobs Geometry Third Edition;
good condition, one highlight mark on second page. sold for $15.00; asking $7.50 includes shipping

Christian Schools Edition, softbound, acceptable condition
Eclectic First Reader, (has name written inside cover) $2.50 + 1.99 media mail
Eclectic Second Readers, $2.50 + 1.99 media mail

John Wiley & Sons Edition, hardbound, perfect condition
Second Eclectic Reader, $3.00 + 1.99 media mail
Third Eclectic Reader, faint slight mark on front, $3.00 + 1.99 media mail

The Out of Sync Child Has Fun paperback book by Carol Stock Kranowitz, very good, $4.00 + $1.99
USPS economy shipping

Upbringing, by James Stenson, good, $3.00 + 1.99 USPS economy shipping

NEED VHS TAPES??? Cartoons, Disney Movies, and some miscellaneous -- check out the list, or ask if you are looking for something in particular - I might have it - over 300 titles; $1.00 per tape, with $1.59 shipping; or save on shipping in bundles of 6-8 tapes; tapes w/o covers .75

Magic School Bus:
Lost in Space

Land Before Time Movies: (cartoon - dinosaurs)

Madeline Cartoon Movie:
Lost in Paris

Madeline episodes:
Madeline in Cooking School
Madeline In London

Angelina Ballerina:
Rose Princess Fairy

Bible Man
A Light in the Darkness

Bible Man Jr.
God Loves Everyone

Charlotte Church concert:
Voice of An Angel

Cartoon movies and regular feature films:

Indian in the Cupboard
Homeward Bound
Mouse Hunt
The Butter Cream Gang - Feature Films for Families
Brother Bear, Disney
101 Dalmations - Disney
Black Cauldron - Disney
Pinocchio - Disney
Anatasia - Disney
Beauty & The Beast - Disney
Beauty & The Beast Enchanted Christmas
Book of Pooh - Disney
Pooh's Grand Adventure - Disney
The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Disney
Cinderella - Disney
Aladdin - Disney
Peter Pan - Disney
Haunted Mansion - Disney - not cartoon
Casper - Disney - not cartoon
Casper Meets Wendy - Disney - not cartoon
Richie Rich
Slam-Dunk Ernest
Scooby Doo - Winterdog

....and many more....this is just a few

Jimmy Neutron: When Pants Attack
Rolie Polie Olie, Defender of Fun

For littles: (episodes)
Winnie the Poohs:
Pooh Party
Wishing Bear
Seasons of Giving (movie)
Cowboy Pooh
The Great Honey Pot Robbery
A Day for Eeyore
The Blustery Day

Blues Clues Episodes: (I have about a dozen of them)
Cafe Blue
Arts & Crafts
Magenta Comes Over
Reading with Blue
Blue's Safari
Shapes & Colors
Blue's Big Musical Adventure (movie)
Meet Joe

Also for young children:
Backyardigans, Polka Palace Party
Children's Favorites Vol 2: (includes, Bob the Builder, Angelina Ballerina, Rubbadubbers, Barney, Wishbone, Kipper, Pingu the Penguin)

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